MechWarrior Online


Take control of devastating war machines


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MechWarrior Online is a multiplayer action game where players control a wide range of 'BattleMechs' (giant war robots with humanoid aspects) and bring them into combat in massive battles set in a futuristic environment.

You'll have dozens of different options available to personalize each aspect of your BattleMech: these range from aesthetic changes to the type of weapons and armor that they will be equipped with. Of course, to really get your BattleMech into top shape, you'll need to win money during the battles.

In most of the battles on MechWarrior Online, there will be two different teams composed of eight BattleMechs each. Your object is to defeat the opposing team using the extreme firepower you'll have at your disposal, which includes various types of lasers, missiles, and other high-power weapons.

MechWarrior Online is a game that players from all over the world can participate in for free. Play and you'll see how MechWarrior Online takes a step back from the typical frenetic style of first-person shooters and offers a smarter, more strategic experience.
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